Highly professional employment criteria is to be fulfilled in processing plants in order to control daily operations pertaining to Halaal.

Stringent procedures are put in place to ensure absolute reliability and compliance for Halaal Certification.

We maintain strict controls throughout the stages of production: This ensures that the Halaal certified product maintains its authenticity through its production, processing, handling, packaging, storage and transportation phases.

We have on board qualified Food Technologists and Halaal Auditors to maintain the highest of standards. Our hands-on team is fully knowledgeable in matters pertaining to halaal.

CATEGORIES under our watch:

  1. International imports
  2. International exports
  3. Abbatoir Facilities (Cattle, Sheep, Poultry & Ostrich)
  4. Muslim owned Meat and Poultry Wholesalers
  5. Production and Processing plants
  6. Retails outlets Butcheries Fast food outlets Supermarkets Bakeries
  7. Muslim Restaurants
  8. Muslim owned Cosmetics
  9. Caterers
  10. Home industries